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Artwork Inventory Checklist

This document is an aid for assessing the types of information you can use to catalog your artwork in an inventory system. Check off information you are already including, making note of fields you are missing and would like to add.

We also offer this same information as a PDF download.

Required Information

Different cataloging standards will have different requirements for what information you should include in your inventory. Our recommendations for the minimum, required information to include in each work record come from these standards:

  • Unique inventory ID number
  • Title
  • Date
  • Medium
  • Dimensions
  • Edition
  • Location
  • Price

Additional Information

Beyond required information for your inventory, consider cataloging this information to document your artistic legacy in greater detail:

For adding context

  • Description and other notes
  • Installation instructions
  • Related works and series
  • Archives and supporting documents

For establishing provenance

  • Exhibition history
  • Publication history
  • Ownership history

For sorting inventory

  • Art movements
  • General work types
  • Subject or themes

For managing relationships

  • Collaborators and roles
  • Contacts